Little bird, February 25, 2017, Descanso Gardens

One thing I've learned about the birds (and other wildlife for that matter) is that sometimes, if they're not too busy and you ask them nicely, they'll pose for you.  I took this photo of this sweet little bird who was fluttering around catching insects for breakfast.  When I first saw him, I stopped and asked him kindly if he’d mind posing for a few photos.  He obliged and was kind enough to sit for me as I did my best to get a good shot.  I don't have a proper lens for bird photography, so thankfully he was patient.  When he decided to move on, I continued on my walk.  As I hiked through the California natives at the top of the hill, I heard some deer passing by on the opposite side of the wire fence.  I stopped, stood still and watched them walk.  One of them, a doe, spotted me.  She looked straight at me, tilted her head and sniffed the air.  We watched each other for quite a while, both of us curious about the other.  I sent her a message in my mind to tell her how pretty she was and her ears perked up.   It was a lovely moment.  Making these types of intimate connections with nature is an honor and a privilege.