Ancient Bristlecone Forest, July 14, 2019, 4.5 Miles RT, 800' +/-, Max Elevation 10,210'

It was nice to re-visit the Ancient Bristlecone Forest in the White Mountains. We did this hike last year, and I wanted to go back again to see these incredible ancient trees. This hike starts above 10,000’, so it was a good acclimation hike prior to our backpacking trip on Mt. Whitney. These trees have survived over thousands of years and have been sculpted into twisted works of art by wind and ice over time. The really are something to see! We hiked the Methuselah Trail, a 4.5 mile trail with an elevation gain of about 800’. The trail climbs up into a forest of Bristlecone and Lodge Pole Pines then drops down and into a woodland of Mountain Mahogany. It truly is a journey through time and I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the Eastern Sierra.